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1. How to request a package

In this section, we will show you how to request a package via the Rambody application.

1. After installing the application, search for your trainer ID in the search page

2. Enter your trainer's profile. Read the description of the package and choose the one that fits your needs and goal.

Plans are not pre-designed. Your trainer will design a custom plan based on your physical condition and goal.

3. Pay for your selected package fee using your trainer's preferred payment method. You can see your trainer's payment method by clicking the ‘Request Package’ button. 

4. Once you have paid for the package go to the app and click on the 'I paid' button to complete the request.

5. On the next page, enter the payment information or upload your receipt then request the package.

6. You will receive an initial notification when your trainer approved and started to prepare your plan. Your trainer needs some time to prepare a custom plan for you. Once your trainer completed the plan you will receive another notification that your plan is ready to use. 


2. Your profile in the Trainer's application

In this video, you can see what information is displayed to your trainer in their application.

Based on this information, they can design a plan suitable for your physical condition and main goal.

As you can see in the video, they will have full access to your physical analysis and all the body images you might have uploaded. It is suggested to upload body images from three different angles which will help your trainer to know your body shape and better design a plan for you.

Note: You can choose to upload photos that do not show your face.


3. How your trainer designs a custom workout

As described in the previous section, your trainer will review your profile and main goal and start making the plan for you.

They will choose the right exercises for you from the hundreds of training exercises that exist in the Rambody exercises collection.

For each exercise, your trainer will provide more details such as sessions, the number of sets, the execution time, and the training systems.

This process will take time. That is the reason your trainer can not immediately send a plan to you. Make sure to request your next plan a few days before the end of the current plan.

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