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Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training:

BFR training can be a potential alternative to increasing muscle strength in the absence of heavy external loads (resistance exercise).

Individuals as the elderly or patients under post-surgery rehabilitation, whose joint strength or stability may be compromised, can (may) benefit from low-intensity resistance training.

Exercise programs use relatively light-load exercise (about 50% of strength or less) combined by BFR may reduce joint and ligament tension, which may reduce the incidence of injury. However, with less intensity, you can provide enough stimulation to improve strength and muscle hypertrophy. This type of exercise is not suitable for all elderly people, due to potential vascular problems that can be associated with these, nevertheless, previously it has been found to be effective in increasing the strength and muscle size of older women and can be considered

as an effective intervention in the future.

Thus, BFR training with intensities of about 50% of a maximum repetition (1RM) leads to significant changes in voluntary dynamic strength, part of which may be due to neuromuscular adaptations as improved muscle coordination.

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