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Deadlift and Back Pain

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

During the deadlift movement, if you do not perform the correct lifting technique, unfortunately, you will suffer from back pain or injury.

At the beginning of the movement, you need to make sure that the barbell bar is at the closest position to your feet, because holding it too far away from your body leads to putting a lot of pressure on your back and the position of your legs will be incorrect. Focus on keeping your back straight and prevent the low back from rounding. While performing the movement, the shoulders should be slightly higher than the hips so that the range of motion reaches its maximum and puts the most pressure on the muscles. Don't forget to keep your knees slightly bent (entire movement) to reduce pressure on the knee joint. According to differences in the amount of pressure on the muscles involved, there are a few common styles of deadlifting.

Conventional deadlift (Stiff-Leg Deadlift): Knees are stable and not bent during the move, and the bar should be pulled up before touching the floor.

Romanian deadlift: The RDL is a variation of the conventional Deadlift in which knees are slightly bent. It focusses on your hamstrings and glutes muscles.

Sumo deadlift: In this type of deadlift, the feet are wider than the width of the shoulders and the hands are more compact than usual. This exercise puts more emphasis on leg muscles with less of an impact on the spinal erectors and back muscles.

Athletes with back injuries usually use sumo deadlifts instead of conventional deadlifts.

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