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Endocrine function (The role of hormones) in overweight and obesity:

Cortisol: Stress hormone cortisol plays a role in the development of body fat mass. Under chronic stress due to wrong exercise program, overtraining, stress at home and work, stress-induced by diet or sleep deprivation, stimuli to release this hormone.

Leptin: It is released from fat cells in adipose tissue and not only plays an important role in controlling appetite but also, increases the Metabolic rate, which means good news! But to regulate this hormone, you have to be active and doing exercise training.

Previous researches have shown that excess body fat can cause leptin resistance, which means the brain does not respond to leptin. Therefore, this situation stimulates a huge appetite and increases food intake.

Insulin: In response to high-carbohydrate meals or sugar-sweetened beverages, the body releases insulin to absorb excess glucose through the circulatory system.

Mostly overweight can lead to insulin resistance, which results in a lower response of cells to hormones (insulin-sensitive tissue loss response to insulin) and, the first complication can type 2diabetes.

Therefore, everything does not relate to hard training. The cortisol, insulin, and leptin hormones play a significant role in the regulation of body weight and fat, however, their accurate regulation requires proper nutrition, exercise, and stress management.

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