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How to Start?


1. Complete the Profile

After registering and entering the Trainers Rambody, you need to complete the profile information as a trainer.

Click on the profile icon, and complete the displayed information.

In the overview section, enter your information, records, specialty, and experience. Then set a profile photo. This photo will be shown on your personal website as well.  


2. Define a Sales Package

To sell workout and nutrition plans, you can create packages that clients can view, and which demonstrate the different types of plans you can provide.

For example; a Home workout plan, Beginner plan, Professional plan, Nutrition plan, etc.

These packages are not pre-defined workout and nutrition plans and are just different services you can provide to your clients. You can set a different price for each plan depending on the type of audience as well as the specialty, the time you need to spend creating that plan, and following up with the clients.


3. Select a Profile Id

You can select a unique ID for your profile.

This is the ID you will give to your clients to allow them to find your profile in the Rambody App.

Once you've selected your ID Rambody will create a personal website for you.

payment method.png

4. How Clients Pay for Your Packages?

We currently don’t support in-app purchasing of the plans and your client should directly pay the cost of the packages to you via your preferred payment method, such as e-transfer, PayPal, …

In the Payment Method section, you can mention your preferred method of payment and account information for your client to pay the package cost and send you the receipt.


5. Personal Website

Once you have selected a Rambody ID, a personal website will be created for you based on your profile information and your defined packages.

You will have a dedicated address to this website to share with your clients on social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, …

If a client installs the Rambody app from the link provided on your personal website, you will be automatically assigned as their trainer and they can only see your name in the list of trainers.


Congrats! Your profile is complete

It's time to grow your business with Rambody

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