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How to Order a Plan?

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1. How Clients Request a Plan?

Rambody currently doesn’t support in-app purchasing of the packages. This means your client needs to pay for Packages outside the App. 

1. Once clients choose a package in the app, then they can pay the cost via your preferred payment method.

​2. Then choose "Request Package" and enter the payment information as well as uploading a copy of the payment receipt (optional).

Note that it's possible for the clients to request a package without providing the payment information. You will receive notifications about any request, and it would be up to you to reject or contact the client to make sure they pay the cost before accepting the request.

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2. Accept or Reject the Request

You will receive a notification as soon as a client requests a package.

You can find a list of all the requested packages as well as the payment information for them in the "Package Requests" page.

You can choose to accept or reject the package. In case you have decided to reject the package you can also provide the reason for your decision.

In any case, the client will be immediately notified about package Acceptance/Rejection.

Note that if the request is accepted, it can no longer be rejected. In this case, you can design and send the accepted plan to the customer.

After accepting the request, you will be provided with the client's complete informaion, as well as the tools needed to design a specialized plan.

Congratulations! You sold your first plan

It's time to create your first customized plan

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