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Create a Workout Plan


1. Client Profile

After accepting a package request, you will have full access to the client's profile including their physical and health conditions and their training goals.

This is information we asked them when they installed the trainee's app and includes:

  1. Personal information. (Age, Weight, Work, Health conditions, …)

  2. The equipments they have access to.

  3. Body analysis generated by the Rambody analysis tool based on the physical measurement provided by the client.

  4. Progress chart.

  5. Body photos from different angles if provided by the client.

  6. Previous workout and nutrition plans they have used within the Rambody App.


2. Design a Workout Plan

Rambody provides you more than 1,500 exercises in different fields to design your perfect workout plan. You can filter and search the exercises based on name, muscle, and equipment and find the right one you need.

After selecting an exercise you can specify the number of sets and time for that. For example: 12X 10X 8X MAX

By dragging a session left/right, you can delete, move, or duplicate that session.

Once you have created a plan you can save it as a template to be reused for designing similar plans.


3. Superset, Triset, ...

Rambody allows creating exercise sets with different training systems such as Superset, Triset, Giant, and Mammut set.

Just drag the exercise to left and select the plus sign to add more exercises to the set as shown in the video.


4. Building a Workout Plan Template

Workout and Nutrition plans can be saved as a template plan and reused to quickly build new similar plans.

This allows you to minimize the time needed to create plans for each client and gives you the flexibility to modify templates for each client based on their needs.

congratulations! You have created a professional workout plan

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